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Alibi in the street

april 22, 2008

Tried to place text in a scene, and make it look convincing. Used luminosity layer mode on one layer to make it look like part of the text is behind the bush on the right side. Copied the text several times and used different blurs and distortions to make it look better.

To make the shadow I copied the finished text layer and fliped it vertically, and aligned it under the original text. I then used distort to make the perspective look right. I also used gasianblur with a gradient selection to make the shadow more blury the further it´s away from its origin. And I also made the layer transperent.

To get the finishing look I used three different adjustmentlayers, with mostly hue and saturation effects.


My burning head!

april 11, 2008

I had a little latenight photoshop session and tried out something similar like the exploding head image I posted last week, but using a photo instead of a 3D render. It´s only a test, but got bit of a diabolic charme to it:) Anyway here it is, would be nice to get feedback on it, if you have any.

The Photoshopadventures continious

april 1, 2008

I haven´t blogged for a while now so it´s about time for a new post!

Today I had a bit more relaxed day then the last days, I took a break from a project I´ve worked on the last few weeks and tried out a photoshop tutorial. It´s about working with 3d renders in photoshop.

So what does working with 3d renders meen, I´m glad you ask and will now tell you. It just meens that you import and work with a rendered out 3d image or shape in photoshop. To get the 3d render you either have to make one in a 3d program like 3d studio max or similar, and render it out. Or the easier way just use a finished 3d render somone else has made:) I went the easy way and used a finished 3d render whitch looks likes this:


And then I followed a lovely little tutorial in the magazine «Advanced Photoshop» whitch is simpley called «work with 3d renders» 🙂

Anyway it gives room for a bit own creativety and is a great way for learning a few more Photoshop trixxxxx! I will not duplicate the tutorial here, but just encourage to check it out and to see how beautiful my image got:)


Pretty cool and I imagine that you can make some cool images with some very simple rendered out 3d shapes.

Thats all folks!

La Dancé

mars 16, 2008

dans 3

Say hello to Mr. Geilo Edelfrau von Tutté. Freelance dancer and choregrapher.

His work includes brilliant pieces such as «The flight of the swallow», «Jump grasshopper, jump!». And of course the brilliant Ballet i three acts, with a duration of 8 hours, called «A day for a hunted laugh».