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A long anticipated meeting

april 27, 2008


Birdy fly, fly!

februar 16, 2008


I´m free as a bird now!


januar 29, 2008

Inspired by dabju´s unlucky bunny comic I´ve tried to do a little Photoshop drawing myself, witth my beautiful wacom drawing tablet. It´s a realy amazing piece of equipment.


Anyway I took a photograph of a drawing I made a while ago and redrew it in photoshop, and colored it.

Here is the orignal:


And here is the Photoshop drawing:


Perhaps not an instant classic, but pretty cool that you with considerably little effort can get a quit cool drawing. That you can use difrent layers makes it also easyer to get it the way you want.

I here with declare myself a fan of computer drawing with wacom tablet.

But perhaps I´m just easly amazed:)