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Norway in red white and Grey

mai 26, 2008

This is a Norwegian short film made for a competition to make a short film under three minutes about the enviroment.
Title: Norway in red white and Grey
1. Line: Summer coming, Summer coming…
2. Line: Sun and rain, and rain, and rain…
3. Line: All birds lovely as they are…
4. Line: Are never coming back…

The film is made out of photos, whitch is edited in photshop. The background is several photos edited together. The girl is made by 10-15 photos cut out in photoshop and animated, going in loops in after effects. The birds, palm tree, the rain and lightning is drawn with a wacom tablet in photoshop and then animated in after effects.
The sound and music is made in pro tools and reason, with much help from Gunnar Hauge.


Story and Idea: Steffan Scherrer Løssfelt and Maria Nordø Jørstad
Animation and Sounddesign: Steffan Scherrer Løssfelt
Foto: Maria Nordø Jørstad
Music: Gunnar Hauge
Girl walking: May Linn Clement.

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