The Photoshopadventures continious

I haven´t blogged for a while now so it´s about time for a new post!

Today I had a bit more relaxed day then the last days, I took a break from a project I´ve worked on the last few weeks and tried out a photoshop tutorial. It´s about working with 3d renders in photoshop.

So what does working with 3d renders meen, I´m glad you ask and will now tell you. It just meens that you import and work with a rendered out 3d image or shape in photoshop. To get the 3d render you either have to make one in a 3d program like 3d studio max or similar, and render it out. Or the easier way just use a finished 3d render somone else has made:) I went the easy way and used a finished 3d render whitch looks likes this:


And then I followed a lovely little tutorial in the magazine «Advanced Photoshop» whitch is simpley called «work with 3d renders» 🙂

Anyway it gives room for a bit own creativety and is a great way for learning a few more Photoshop trixxxxx! I will not duplicate the tutorial here, but just encourage to check it out and to see how beautiful my image got:)


Pretty cool and I imagine that you can make some cool images with some very simple rendered out 3d shapes.

Thats all folks!


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Én kommentar to “The Photoshopadventures continious”

  1. Levin Says:

    Det ble faktisk utrolig kult! 😀

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