Problems using the same portable harddisk on both mac and pc

I got a lovely mobile harddisk from lacie this week and was perfectly happy.


Its got USB 2.o, Fire Wire 400 and 800 ports and 250 G storage. But I encountered a little problem…

I have a mac, and I need to use the harddrive on both mac´s and pc´s. What to do!?!!?

First search the web for why I cant access the mobile harddrive from pc´s while on my mac it´s no problem. The answer is that mac´s and pc´s uses different formats for storaging, and my harddrive was setup for the mac format.

So then I search the web for a solution to let me use it on both mac´s and pc´s. I found a couple of forums suggesting different programs for formatting the mobile hardrive to a format both platforms would except, but in fact you don´t need to download a program at all, (speeking for mac users here). Just open the program on your mac called disk utility, choose the drive you want to format (you have to have it plugged in:) select the new format to MS DOS and push delete. Voila! you have a harddrive that works with macs and pc´s. Wonderfull, but of course it dosn´t work as perfectly as with the orignal format, but close enough. Well, well thats my contribution to techno bloogging scene:)

Have a wonderfull weekend!


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3 kommentar to “Problems using the same portable harddisk on both mac and pc”

  1. pc ps2 ps3 xbox free Download Game Says:

    I’m not going to let a robot tell me what to do

  2. ingiltere ogrenci vizesi Says:

    do you know any information about this in english?

  3. steffansalibi Says:

    What do you want to know more about. What I have written about is in english, but if you want to read more in general about harddiscs and different ways to format them, theres definetly alot of english information on the web.

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