Lightspeed Champion

Hi I just want to share some music I´ve been listning to lately.


Lightspeed Champion is his name and his album is called «Falling of the lavender bridge», my favorite album for the moment. Some critics call the sound Americana, inspired with a touch of the beloved label indy (which I think allmost all quality music gets labeled with now a days!).

Anyways, I won´t try to put a label on it, other than to say its quite eclectic, on a bonus CD you get with the album he even sings some songs from the musical Hair! Could it be any better!? (and maybe hes just a little bit indy too:) lol, rotflmao etc).

I will upload a couple of songs to my pownce account, so if anybody would like to subscribe to it feel free!

And of course if you rather would hear about this young fellow from himself, he got his own blog which he updates quite often:

Check it out, you won´t regret it, or maybe you will, but then I don´t think I can help you. Or maybe I can, post a comment and we´ll find out!

Tata! Und auf wiedersehn!


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