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Problems using the same portable harddisk on both mac and pc

februar 29, 2008

I got a lovely mobile harddisk from lacie this week and was perfectly happy.


Its got USB 2.o, Fire Wire 400 and 800 ports and 250 G storage. But I encountered a little problem…

I have a mac, and I need to use the harddrive on both mac´s and pc´s. What to do!?!!?

First search the web for why I cant access the mobile harddrive from pc´s while on my mac it´s no problem. The answer is that mac´s and pc´s uses different formats for storaging, and my harddrive was setup for the mac format.

So then I search the web for a solution to let me use it on both mac´s and pc´s. I found a couple of forums suggesting different programs for formatting the mobile hardrive to a format both platforms would except, but in fact you don´t need to download a program at all, (speeking for mac users here). Just open the program on your mac called disk utility, choose the drive you want to format (you have to have it plugged in:) select the new format to MS DOS and push delete. Voila! you have a harddrive that works with macs and pc´s. Wonderfull, but of course it dosn´t work as perfectly as with the orignal format, but close enough. Well, well thats my contribution to techno bloogging scene:)

Have a wonderfull weekend!


Lightspeed Champion

februar 20, 2008

Hi I just want to share some music I´ve been listning to lately.


Lightspeed Champion is his name and his album is called «Falling of the lavender bridge», my favorite album for the moment. Some critics call the sound Americana, inspired with a touch of the beloved label indy (which I think allmost all quality music gets labeled with now a days!).

Anyways, I won´t try to put a label on it, other than to say its quite eclectic, on a bonus CD you get with the album he even sings some songs from the musical Hair! Could it be any better!? (and maybe hes just a little bit indy too:) lol, rotflmao etc).

I will upload a couple of songs to my pownce account, so if anybody would like to subscribe to it feel free!

And of course if you rather would hear about this young fellow from himself, he got his own blog which he updates quite often:

Check it out, you won´t regret it, or maybe you will, but then I don´t think I can help you. Or maybe I can, post a comment and we´ll find out!

Tata! Und auf wiedersehn!

Birdy fly, fly!

februar 16, 2008


I´m free as a bird now!


februar 13, 2008

youtubeaction gives you satisfaction!

februar 10, 2008

Youtube is ceirtainly a source for a lot of fun, and I would like to share to delightfull videos I´ve found.

The first is a musicvideo from Snoop Doggy Doggy Dog:

He´s truly captured the estetics of 1970´s TV! Quite beautiful I most admit:)

Video nr 2 is a Japanese dance troup, get groovy and check it out:

Anyways thats all folks! Cheerio, and goodbye.

Digitaly drawing part: 2

februar 8, 2008

Last week I redrew a drawing I´ve made on paper using my beautiful wacom tablet. And jesterday I got the brilliant idea to try the same thing on a picture. The lucky, (or maybe not that lucky) person to be portraid this time is my beloved big brother Levin:) Anyway heres the original photograph:

Levin orginal

And heres my drawing:

Levin Tegning

I may need a bit more practice, but it ceirtainly got something:)

Toilet session

februar 7, 2008

A new trend! Jamming in public toilets.

trompet svat hvit