Which Witch!

In the line of Norwegian celebrities who kind of look like evil witches, I came over a quite horrific magazin cover:


A not so flattering picture of the singer Benedicte Adrian, but maybe its not just the stylist who screwed up. Maybe even the stylist did all she could to hide the horrible trueth….


Yes its true! Benedicte Adrian really is a witch!

Think about it, why else would somebody write a rock opera about witches if they were´nt actually one of them. Be warned! They walk among us!!!!!!


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2 kommentar to “Which Witch!”

  1. denhoyefotograf Says:

    Hahaha, «Benedicte Adrian (44): Jeg lever et dobbeltliv». Ain’t that the truth and a slice of fried gold?

  2. Levin Says:

    Hehe, likte den godt bror 🙂

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